Jul 31, 2014


New British method for better skill, better income, better life and better home economy. IQ-expansion and definite results right in the workshop!

Bright future?!

They promised you bright future but they made you a cog in their wheel. You live only to vote the irresponsible leaders, to buy techno-disposables, and to slave for the rich. I call it VBS life to sum up the existence of a typical man. Life is yours but the VBS control is theirs. The insider picture of the VBS life looks like this:

  • Student loan
  • Joblessness/lay off
  • Stress
  • Price-increase
  • Difficulties

If you are a visitor in my blog you are probably living this life and want to get out of this Hell but cannot. The reason is very simple—(1) our leaders do not know any way out and (2) they do not care to know the way out as they want to loot us in all possible ways. No wonder all R&D ends as looting the nation and so, crime and suicide are expanding fast in this “scientific age”!


A new way

There are lots of Genius on this planet who live in happiness, fulfillment, abundance—complete life as Heaven. You even met some of them in the social magazines. No, they are not born genius but collage dropouts. They developed the genius as a great secret of Nature; it is the core processor of my Vector method.

The geniuses speak of break, change, turning point, etc., that make no sense to VBS people. Allow me to explain the terms in easy language. The word break means breaking away from the VBS life. Change means changing from manmade technocracy to natural philosophy. Finally, turning point means inspirational guidance of Nature as man’s dream driver that leaves nothing to look back.

  • Take a break = break away from habitual life
  • Make a change = shape life the way you want
  • Turning point = life in freedom forever

Recall your memory of grandest vacation in virgin Nature and you will remember free-floating in happiness as an Angel. You were not the Ghost anymore!

You understand Nature as greatest entertainment of life but you missed the rest of the message of virgin Nature—this entertainment can be turned around as education to build inspirational skill—painting, swimming, photography, for example. When done, they turn it into their business to sale the entertainment to the society.

No need to believe my statements, just visit some Self-made achievers and you will notice their performance as entertainment. People stop there; they do not wonder how everything turned out in the life of the “fortunate” person. Only a little thought will tell you about the education and business aspects as below.

  • Education = knowledge priori (entertain-learning)
  • Business = knowledge posteriori (entertain-doing)

Education/business are the two sides of the same entertainment-coin as learning/doing that I club as dream driver. Simple truth but never seen! In contrast, the graduates become clerks/salesmen after high education!

You surely understand the modus operandi of the Geniuses as I outlined. But can you enter the states of break, change, turning point? If yes, you have my good wishes; in that case you do not need my help. But if you cannot, I can help you to traverse all the way—from Ghost to Genius in definite ways. It is a new British system based on natural science (see below) that stands proved via the Genius people.


Natural science

Life is energy. All definite changes in life need addressing tutored life-energy that we call skill. All forms of academic education rely on learning the textbook but not doing the textbook! This is not tutored life-energy and hence it guarantees lack of skill. For example, by reading a book on mountaineering, you do not become a mountaineer. Rather, you need methodical training for climbing as doing out the textbook; only then you become a mountaineer.

That is why the Geniuses always speak of words like strength, workout, methodical training etc. The average people believe it as muscle power and not as tutored life-energy! The simple motto is—we learn to do and we do to learn; it is the right way to build skill as shown below.

  • Learning = inner exercise (mind)
  • Doing = outer exercise (body)
Thus, mind drives the body and body drives the mind as cross-verification of knowledge as true skill as tutored life-energy. That is the meaning of learning to do and doing to learn. Once that skill sets in, it can be honed to the sharpest degree by practicing that defines a Genius. You can now understand the following natural truths very easily.  
  • Education = learning + doing (skill)
  • Business = skill + success (money)   
All told, it is a recipe for better skill, better income, better life for better home economy. As you see, the newly developed British method is so easy that you can master it in a definite way. Besides, the method expands IQ-level very fast—so fast that you will change in a great way right in the workshop and will continue to expand afterwards. That is why all Geniuses are great wonders to the world. You now have the advantage of becoming a Genius yourself by the virtue of the natural science as a British development. Why delay?